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Afternoon at The Met

Our guests returned with us to New York City after "beach week" and we spent the afternoon at the Met.  I did a quick sketch of Sara and Renee while they were looking at some of the exhibits in The Pictures Generation Exhibit.


The 3 of us then went to the Model as Muse Costume Institute Exhibit while our husbands went to the Art of Afghanistan Exhibit.  Since I've already sketched in the fashion exhibit several times, I concentrated on accessories.




I really enjoy the fashion ones. I went to draw once at an exhibition of kylie Minogue's stage costumes & I really enjoyed that too.

I cannot draw people fast enough to catch their likeness. They may have been standing there looking at an exhibit but I am quite sure they didn't stand there for the 30 minutes it would have taken me to draw them. You did really well in a short amount of time. These are nice sketches. I like how you added the color too.

Well observed, Shirley. I really think you'd enjoy figure drawing.....

The red bag, the hair, the skirt...you got me! Nicely done - I too like the paint application especially the gold hat.

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