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Beach Visit

We spent last week in Southampton with friends that we have known for many years.  Each morning our group of 6 went for a two mile walk along the beach, enjoying the beautiful weather, watching the activity of the gulls, and collecting "treasures" to be sketched.  There were very few shells, in contrast to the same week last year.  After our walk, we sat at the Snack Shack, had breakfast, and sketched our Still life of treasures.



Clockwise:  Gull feather, skate egg sack, moon snail, crab claw, and small crab shell.







Oh how I envy your beach walks. My idea of heaven. Great sketches as mementos too. Keep forever and won't smell!

I found it so great to walk the beach with you---you really found things I have seen over and over and so I felt quite connected....beautiful observations!

I almost feel like was walking along with you. These are all great little compositions. i can almost envision them as separate framed studies hung in a cottage by the beach. Really nice!

I'm envious of a beach trip with 5/6 other friends who also love to sketch! What fun that must have been. Love the hat drawing!

It sounds delightful - just like your sketches!

There was something in these sketches that really tugged at my heart. They're beautifully drawn and so full of the feeling of the beach. I spent much of my childhood at the beach and these pages took me right back there. Thank you!

These sektches are stellar - so evocative of a pleasant beach walk, gorgeous collections and so well done!!!!

Love these beach sketches. It's like being there, seeing all the stuff you drew. Nice!!

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