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Back at the Beach

We're back at the beach for the weekend - enjoying our grandchildren.  I love the sea gulls and keep finding new ways to sketch them.  These were sketched with the Pilot Varsity Pen and then "painted" to get the ink to run.


I took this photo during our last visit, as we walked past a group of young children in wet suits who were waiting for their class to begin.  I thought they were so cute standing there watching the waves roll in. 


These sketchbook pages were photographed and not scanned and I can't seem to adjust the background color with Photoshop Elements.  Oh well!


I like the gull studies Shirley

I love your seagulls, very alive and a lot of character. The children seem to observe them.

These are wonderful! I especially like the gulls and the way you used the ink as wash. Nicely done!

Love those seagulls! How did you get them to stand still for you? :)

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