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EDM Challenge #231: Draw a Junk Drawer

This is the inside of the junk drawer in my bedside cabinet - SIMPLIFIED!  In the basket on the left front one pen represents about 50, one highliter about 12, one emery board about 6.  On the right front are individual packets of yearly Filofax calendar pages from 1993 through 2008.  The black leather zipper case in the back contains some information about renting apartments in Europe.  The compartments on the right back are in a plastic silverware drawer insert and contain much more stuff in each section.  On the far right back is an old Altoids tin and a pen case full of fountain pens that I love but no longer use!



Hi Shirley, Thanks for the encouragement. I have been away from this too long. I had forgotten what a fun supportive community it is As usual, I love your sketches and your style. Can't wait for the August roundup.

Oh, this is great! I like how you "represented" the items.

Sheesh! That's the tidiest junk drawer I've ever seen!

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