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EDM Challenges #232 and 233

Challenge #232:  Draw The Last Thing You Bought:

I am not a shopper, unless I'm in a book or fabric store.  The last things I purchased were books.  Two weeks ago I bought childrens' books from the Cat in the Hat Learning Library series: Clam-I-Am! and I Can Name 50 Trees Today for our grandchildren.  This week I bought two summer books for me to read on our travels. 


EDM Challenge #233:  My Favorite Drink

I love coffee and enjoy my first quiet hour of each day, when I drink several mugs of filtered coffee, and plan the day.  This is so important to me, that I must be able to make coffee in hotel rooms so it is ready as soon as I wake up and even before I shower and get dressed.  During a Christmas visit to London in 1988, I bought myself a present at Harrods - a Russell Hobbs filter travel coffee pot.  I have enjoyed it on many trips since then.




Your book recycling is always fabulous and you find great covers. I agree about morning coffee - and I think I must have that travel pot and of course you have to bring your ground coffee.!! A great souvenir from Harrods!

oh, I envy you that travel coffee pot!! I think of you often when I'm with my little grandson Jonas (now nine months old! It doesn't seem possible)--your posts about your grandchildren were the first glimmers I has about the wonderfulness that was in store! Lovely sketches, as usual, Shirley.

Hi Shirley,
I wanted to thank you for your nice comments on my blog. I tried to find an email address for you to thank you directly. love your work.

I love this travel coffee maker and the way your drew and painted it. Lovely! I wonder if they are for sale in the US? I'll keep my eye out for one. I'm like you and need some coffee first thing in the morning. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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