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Every Day in May - 22


We picked up my grandson from nursery school, had a picnic in Central Park, and then went into the Met to see the newly reopened American Wing.  Before it was closed for renovation, my grandchildren learned about pennies and fountains in that space and we really missed the pool.  

 There is a newly designed pool in the same place, this time with two fountains.  This is a quick sketch of the back of the Frog Fountain - done while my grandson was throwing pennies.  There are three frogs spewing water around the base - but I had no time (or space) to sketch them on this visit.

The sketch was done with a watercolor pencil and the water was added later at home.




Shirley, you did a wonderful job on this fountain figure! It's a difficult scene to capture , with the foreshortened feet and arms, but you did it very well! Best of all, you really captured the energy and joy in his pose.

What a charming and whimsical sculpture! You got the gesture exactly! (I clicked the link to see the actual sculpture).

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