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Every Day in May - 20 and 21


I did a 5 minute pose figure drawing (i.e. I set my timer for 5 minutes and sketched a nude figure photo) after my Book Group left late last night.  I drew with a medium wash graphite pencil because there were very dark shadows on the model, but it was darker than I expected.



I saw a small oil painting of 2 rows of lipsticks at the Contemporary Art Auction at Christies (Wayne Thiebaud), and wondered how many lipsticks I had in my drawer.  Tonight, I found 2 empty lipsticks and 3 "almost gone ' lipsticks to sketch.



Shirley I love your nude! Were you pleased with how it turned out? You don't say but I'll assume so, you certainly SHOULD be.

Every Day in May is exhusting, but so exciting. I will be happy and sad when it come to an end. I haven't had a chance to look at a lot of the other creative works or comment on them. I am also try to do the EDM weekly challenge and Cathy JOhnson's watercolour workshop .... it's all good

EDiM is invigorating for me and clearly it is for you as well Shirley.

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