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Every Day in May - 17


I spent this morning at the new "Model as Muse" exhibit at the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I was a seamstress most of my life and love to see construction techniques and elegant fabrics in couturier clothes.  I was less interested in all of the information about the supermodels, but some of the large photographs were wonderful.  The lighting for the exhibits was great, but it was almost too dim in front of each to sketch. 

The entrance to the exhibit is a display of Dior's dress for Dovima as immortalized in a photo by Avedon.


I sketched  a few other garments that I liked, and imagine that I will return to draw some of the other exhibits, especially all of the mannequins in one room that are hanging from the ceiling.   





How I love these kinds of exhibits---so exquisite in every way...wonderful sensitive sketches...

I also went to the site where you can see the show and the setting up---great to see this..

The clothes are very fashionable, I like the way you colored them. But since I love animals... the elephants looked great!! ^^

Shirley—I love how you get the most out of living in NYC. I bet there are people that live in the city that never see most of places you go and record with your sketches—very cool! Nice sketches of the Model of Muse exhibit. My very good friend is a VP at the Met and he keeps offering a private tour on Mondays for friends and family. Now that's something I shouldn't pass up!

These could easily be the designers prelim sketches - so lovely I would recognize your style anywhere!!! I need to practice people!!

You are so fortunate to have seen such great art and record it!

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