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Playtime in Central Park

This is a picture from our recent play time in Central Park with 4 of our 5 grandchildren.



My journal page is my attempt to paint one of the Magnolia blossoms that was partially opened and photographed from above. 

I clearly need to learn how to achieve the sense of depth in the center of the flower- although I really did observe and paint the shadows as they appeared in the photo.  Painting the bloom in person was not an option with 4 under the age of 6 running around. 




Our two youngest were in strollers with my husband and I pushing them out of the Park and Syd (age 4) and her 5 year old brother Henry were walking in front of us.  Suddenly she reached over and took his hand - and they walked all the way back to 5th Ave holding hands.


This is a link to a similar journal page that I did of them in Hyde Park London more than 2 years ago.




What a beautiful day you had with some very special little people. I love the photo and your drawings, great work.

Your grandchildren are beautiful. Made me yearn to see mine! (The Magnolia picture is pretty good too!)

Gorgeous grandkids!

This is a lovely delicate painting. You have captured a wonderful moment and the fact that you have the same image from a few years earlier is special. Did you draw it on the spot as you walked or take a photo and work on it later?

Hi..I loved all your art work...wonderful...!!

What Adorable Grands you have (plus the baby of course) The hand holding sketches are so sweet, so very well done!!! Bravo to you - and I think that magnolia has very good depth - excellent sketch!! Isn't spring time wonderful?!

These are lovely! The watercolors and the kids :)

Aren't they gorgeous! Magnolias are my favorites - I was so excited to see ours bloom this year for the first time. I think you did a great job on the flower - if you want more depth, I'd make the centers darker in value, but I thinks it's pretty the way it is.

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