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EDM Challenge #217 (Umbrella) and Signs/Hopes of Spring


Our weather is currently bizarre, with April showers, several snow showers, and teaser days for Spring.  We just returned from a morning of play in Central Park with 4 of our grandchildren and while they have quiet time, I thought I would try to upload a few journal pages from one week ago. 


While two of my grandchildren painted and colored at our dining room table last Friday, I played with my grand daughter's Sargeant watercolor pencils - obvioulsy hoping for lots of tulips before long.  The magnolia blossoms were partially open this morning and I see tulip buds in the huge beds of tulips in my neighborhood.


Last Sunday there were beds of daffodils blooming in Central Park - and they still looked very fresh this morning.  My 2 year old grandson doesn't understand why I won't let him pick all of the pretty flowers he sees!


Lovely, subtle and free.
Happy Easter.

Your sketches are lovely and I like the journalling notes that you have added. The umbrella drawing is very sweet - The person looks like they are standing in the middle of all natures elements - either recovering from the last downpour or bracing for the next one!

Daffodils are my favorite flower, and these are gorgeous!

I really like the Umbrella challenge! And the photo of the grandkids all dressed up!

I love the images in this post, especially the first and last! The umbrella person has such personality as do the flowers.

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