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EDM Challenge #100 : Draw a Landscape


I sketched a photo of Sydney and Henry in Hyde Park - intending to do a "city park landscape" painting.  But I never got around to finishing it when we were in London, and today decided to add a watercolor wash to both of my grandchildren and then call it done.  I have a series of similar pictures of the two of them.  Sydney, who just turned 2, says to Henry "hand!" when we are walking with both of them and sweet boy that he is, he takes her hand and walks with her. 


toooo sweet...I LOVE it...and I know you treasure it...

this is such a sweet drawing. perspective's spot on, too =) wish i could do that.

ian (ulan25) everydaymatters group

Oh my gosh, this is so absolutely adorable!! Who needs a landscape with these wonderful children adorning it!!

I like the feel of this work. This may sound corny, sorry, but it's what I see: The forground has some light color, while your background has none. As the children move forward or into their future they'll color what's ahead with their own choices. It's nice symbolism. It's also a nice soft study. Cool! Alice

These are beautiful. There's something about the way they seem to be walking away toward the woods that is so evocative. It makes me think about children finding their way, growing up, becoming more independent as they take their own paths away from us.

This is lovely, Shirley. It looks to me like an illustration from a children's storybook.

Adorable! Sketch and story both.

ooooo this is beautiful and delicate and so sweet!

This is so lovely Shirley. Hopefully yo'll be able to them this lovely picture all framed up when they are old enough to appreciate it!

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