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Rice Mice for Callum and Annabelle


My son called today to tell me that Annabelle (now almost 1) discivered her Rouse Mouse (singular of Rice Mice) this week and now needs it taken from the shelf and given to her everytime she is lifted out of her crib.  He went searching for more information on the origin of these mice and asked why I didn't have any photos of the two newest ones on my blog.  Just coincidentally, we're having dinner tonight with the person who gave me the Rice Mice book when my children were young.

Both of these mice have long suede tails and embroidered eyes for safety.   Annabelle's pink mouse was made from fabric used for the quilt I made for her for Christmas.  Callum's mouse is made from fabric leftover from an earlier quilting project and the turquoise and apple green color matches his room.

My earlier post about Christmas Rice Mice and a picture of the book appears here.


these rice mice are so SWEET!!! what a nice story about Annabelle too. What fun drawings in the previous post --especially nice job on the reflection.

Hi Shirley,
Thanks for your comments to my blog. These mice are adorable!!!

Isn't that a wonderful novel? I loved the Kite Runner as well. Your sketches are moving and executed skillfully. I'm thinking of you this evening as my daughter is enjoying a few days in NYC with her boyfriend. Tonight they had tickets to Jersey Boys. Oh how I wish I was there too!

I love the suede tails! Oh dear, now I will have to find a multicoloured suede pack for my materials cupboard!

These are so cute. The previous post about the book was very interesting. I wish it was still available somewhere. It would be a great way to introduce children to poetry and create happy childhood memories at the same time. I have been searching for a copy online today but had no luck.
I also have been looking through your other post at you paintings. They are wonderful.

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