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EDM Challenge 215: Draw a Thumb

I need hand drawing practice so much, that I did two drawings of hands with thumbs.   But I found myself smiling much of the time, remembering that my 4 year old grand daughter Sydney called them "flums" not very long ago.  We all took every opportunity we could to have her say it, especially her 5 year old brother Henry who thought it was adorable because she was so earnest.






Such graceful beautiful hands beautifully renderd!

Very nice!

Quite clearly not 'all thumbs' when it comes to drawing thumbs!
Enjoyed your rice mice/rouse mouse post as well. Still have not made any myself (probably not 'til christmas) but thank you again for sharing.

I really enjoyed your sketches of hands including flums. Great job, and nice
anecdote you related.

I am enjoying my grand-nephews so much these days, 2mo. old and 2 year old....I almost feel like a grandma! Thanks for droping by my blog often. I am so busy with art class work that I just skim my favorite blogs every few days. I love stopping by here also to see what is new. Very nice hands, difficult to do, but good practice. The Everyday in Dec. (which I need to finish) 'book' on my blog is through a site called Issuu. It was easy to set up.

Wow - Shirley, these are wonderful. You have inspired me to work on hands too!

Very nice, Shirley. I like the impression of weight of the top hand.

Your figures are always so graceful and now your hands are as well, lovely contour and the perspective is perfect, the drapped hand belongs to a ballerina I suspect - superb!

Hands are always fun to draw!

Beautifully drawn hands and great 'flums'!

I loved your sketchbook. I was really interested in your 'inner critic' and what she looked like. I have never tried to picture mine, although I knew she was there. After reading about yours I tried to picture mine and I came up with a very young and scared little girl. She says "Don't do that. Don't do that. Let's do something we already know how to do". She gets very nervous in new situations. She needs a lot of encouragement.

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