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Reading About Afghanistan

Last week I was immersed in Khaled Hosseini's book A Thousand Splendid Suns for 2 days.   The story is set against 30 years of war in Afghanistan and when I chose my daily sketch for each day, I was inspired to look for something that would capture some of the images from my reading.  I searched news articles and photos of mujahideen and sketched one of the members of a group photo.


On the second day I searched for photos of women walking in the streets in their burqas and painted one of them.


As I post these, the US is increasing the number of troops in Afghanistan and I can't imagine what the next phase of life is going to be like for these people, especially the women.


I like the way your sketches were inspired by book. It's so important to draw and paint what our imagination whispers.

What lovely delicate paintings, and i like the source of your inspiration.

I found your page when looking for instruction on drawing lips. I am inspired by your work. It has been many years since I have drawn, but currently with my children grown and the economy too bad to afford the usual forms of entertainment I have decided to pick up my sketch book again and see what I can learn and create.

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