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MiniSketchcrawl at the Met

This morning I met 5 wonderful women, who all like to sketch, draw, and paint, for our first group sketchcrawl.  I met Susan in a watercolor bookbinding class.  I met Kathleen, Jane, and Annie in Danny Gregory's Visual Journaling class this fall, and I met Deborah through the Everyday Matters group.   

We spent the first hour in the Greek and Roman galleries where I sketched the head of a Hercules statue from 68=79 AD.  Although it can't be seen very well, he has a lion's face on his head and the rest of the lion skin draped and tied over his shoulders.


We then moved to the current Drawing Exhibit for the next hour and I sketched from 2 Delacroix Moroccan drawings and a reclining nude by La Fosse.




The black line is the gap between the signatures in the watercolor journal I made - and even intensive glueing of the spine and tight stitching doesn't prevent it. 

All of the drawings were made with a combination of light wash graphite and Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils.  They are my solution for only being able to sketch with pencil at the Met.

We finished with a leisurely lunch at the Central Park Boat House patio restaurant because it was such a warm, sunny day in New York City.  We were a very excited and compatible group and decided over lunch that we would meet monthly - to sketch and share some blogging, bookbinding, and art skills and resources. 


It must be nice to sketch as a group. I unfortunately don't know anyone else in my area that is even interested in art. I guess I'm an isolated artist... except for EDM of course. :)

This sounds like a lovely day, enjoyed by all. I would love to know more about your "watercolor bookbinding class"! This is JUST what I am interested in doing. I'd appreciate any tips you can pass my way.
Thanks, Kim

What a wonderful day you must have had - I wish I could have joined you! I hope I'll be able to get to NYC for a sketchcrawl with you this summer or fall.

Oh Shirley I can only imagine the wonderful day I Missed!!!! My twin grandsons did have their birthday party and I was pooped from travel any way - I do hope I can make the April adventure, Thank you again for thinking of me and I am admiring the sketches you posted (perhaps you can link us to the other's sketches if they approve ?)

Shirley, I've watched your skills improve over the years. The growth has been truly astounding. You are even becoming an expert on people and faces. You are so talented. Mr. Klee should see your work. The next time we are together I'd like to talk to you about the entire procedure for getting involved. I've never really done any drawing or painting but I think that I might like to give it a try. I just love your style.

Sounds like a great day! Always fun to sketch with a group.

What fun and what great sketching shirley!

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