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Trip to Washington, DC

We just returned from a short trip to Washington, DC - part business and part pleasure.  Our youngest grandchild lives there and I have a dedicated sketchbook to use each day that we are with her.  Annabelle will be one at the end of this month - and we don't see enough of her!



Saturday afternoon we went to the new Capitol Visitor's Center to see the space.  We didn't have time to look at Exhibition Hall, but the main area is wonderful!  There are many statues, but the cast of the Statue of Freedom which sits on top of the Capitol Dome is the most important one.  Here is her head - and an eagle logo found on many of the items in the Gift Shop.


Annabelle pulls herself up on everything and is cruising an entire room very quickly.  These are quick sketches of her in her PJs.


There was alot of snow when we woke up on Monday morning.  We kept Annabelle home from Day Care to play with us while my son and daughter-in-law went to work.  She loves playing with the Noah's Ark and animals that she received as an early birthday present, so it was immortalized on this page.


We all love her really warm winter hat and she looks really cute in it.  We're sad that it probably won't fit her next winter.



What wonderful fun sketches. And what a great idea to have a dedicated sketch book that you can then pass on to someone.

Oh Shirley, what a joy grandchildren are! You drawings are something to be treasured - and won't Annabelle love to have them when she is grownup!

Love your journal of your Grandchild! I just love this type of daily rendering of everyday happenings. I have a few journals like this, and when I go back and look through my journals (I have several different kinds), these are my favourite as they bring back such memories! You are doing a wonderful job of keeping your memories alive!

She's just gorgeous - and I love these sketches. She'll have so much fun looking at them when she gets a little older.

What a delight! Charming sketches of little Ms. A.

I stumbled upon your page, and I am beyond inspired! I love your art, your journaling... everything! I was wondering, what type of watercolors do you use? Can you actually let me what materials you carry with you in order to capture such beautiful moments. I have 3 kids, and a VERY large purse, and I would love to be able to take the kids and the materials with me to the park and sketch... Ahh! wonderful.

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