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Weekly Figure Drawing Practice

 I practice drawing figures from Mark Smith's book The Nude Figure: A Visual Reference for Artists.  Sometime after I retire, I'm hoping to find time to go to one of the many places with live models here in New York City.  For now, this is a great way for me to draw figures using different mediums.  These were both drawn with colored pencil.






They look great in the warm hue you've chosen instead of graphite.

SO ELEGANTLY LINED AND TENDERLY RENDERED!!! GORGEOUS WORK -- I DO LOVE HOW YOU DO FIGURES! As though your pencil or pen is just kissing their outlines ...

Oh my! These are simply wonderful! I've been so overwhelmed by work lately that I haven't been able to do much blog visiting. I finally set the time aside tonight and yours was one of the first I visited. Your drawing just keeps getting finer and finer!

I plan to visit your blog often to motivate me. I'm so easily distracted. As soon as I read your blog I started searching for my sketchbook. Thank you for sharing. You have a wonderful, soothing style, regardless of your subject matter.

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