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Sketching at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

This last week I spent two mornings sketching at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Deborah, an EDM member who lives nearby, joined me on Monday January 19th to sketch.  We previously conversed by email, so we sat and sketched and talked for several hours before moving to the museum cafeteria for lunch.  We chose the Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas because there were benches nicely positioned in front of the primitive art.  Here are three of the artifacts that I sketched, colored with watercolor pencils, and then "painted" with my Niji waterbrush although I knew that this was bending museum rules slightly.  The watercolor pencils allowed me to replicate better the very unevern colors of this huge wood sculpture. 




Yesterday I met Jane, one of my new friends from Danny Gregory's recent illustrated journaling class, at the Met.  I taught her how I recycled old books with watercolor paper the previous Friday and she brought 3 fabulous books that she just finished to show me.  I sketched Aphrodite in the Greek and Roman galleries before Jane arrived, and then a primitive "Seated Figure" from Mali (13th C) in the Montebello exhibit as we toured it.  Both of these were also done with watercolor pencils and then finished with my Niji waterbrush. 





These are lovely - I especially liked Aphrodite.
I do hope nobody from the museum notices your 'confession' - you may be regarded with suspicion next time you visit!

Thanks for your comment at "Finis." Re drawing people while I'm close... The Starbucks was pretty crowded and these guys seemed to think of themselves as fairly "high powered" and a frowsy woman in sweats drinking coffee probably didn't arouse ANY interest in them. I was facing them and looked all around the shop... I don't imagine they could tell if I was making a grocery list or drawing... (and I might have been drawing the condiment bar..!). The only person who noticed me drawing was actually sitting almost directly behind my right shoulder... and SHE (bless her heart) didn't give anything away. She also thought it would be perfectly reasonable to tell somebody they would make a good subject and would they mind.... I've not yet had that much nerve! I do believe in the 3 times rule: If you make eye contact with the 'subject' three times, you've got to move on to a different model. At least your classical Greek Subjects couldn't object...

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