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More Painted Christmas Trees

I continued to paint Christmas trees this year throughout the holiday season - and now post #3 and 4 from my journal.  I was disappointed to find that watercolor paint is absorbed so rapidly into Fabriano 140lb soft press paper that adding salt immediately didn't allow me to get a snow effect on a painted tree.  However, I read all of Vivian Swift's book When Wandrers Cease to Roam on New Year's Day, and was inspired to use her watercolor technique to paint a small tree with the suggestion of snow.


Yesterday I was putting Christmas cards away and found another painted tree which inspired me to paint #4 in my daily journal, with a healthy amount of gold metallic acrylic paint added for a string of beads and stars.


It is currently snowing in Manhattan, and there are Christmas trees propped up against trees in front of our apartment waiting to be picked up for the City mulching program.  They already have a wonderful layer of snow on their branches, giving me many trees to paint tonight if I want to bundle up and go downstairs! 


Oh Shirley, these are glorious, and you say you cannot paint trees!!!! These do the Christmas trees great justice as they near their end. Keep painting more trees!!!

It's currently snowing in Windsor also though our Christmas tree is long gone.

great job... I'll have to re-read that part of Swift's book to see it ;)
I painted our tree for our card this year :)

These are lovely!

Shirley, These are WONDERFUL! Congratulations! (and I'm jealous...)

Lovely light paintings. I like the softness and layering of the watercolours. I have written down the name of the book you have mentioned and will look for it.

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