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3rd Anniversary of my Blog on January 4th

I had no intention of starting a blog until I joined Everyday Matters in September 2005.  Initially I lurked and just enjoyed the energy and inspiration of the group, while sketching most days and doing the EDM weekly challenges in my sketchbook.  By December  2005 I was adding color with watercolor paint to my pages and faithfully reading the EDM messages.  Suddenly I wanted to participate more and my son set up the blog for me, with a few simple questions re: name, color etc. and some quick lessons via telephone on how to upload images and post comments. 

I love the connection that I feel to so many menbers of EDM and wish to thank all of those who have been with me for the journey.  I'm delighted that the EDM group has so many new members and hope that they find the inspiration and generous sharing that I found in the group.  I could never have imagined taking a 6 week class with Danny Gregory 3 years later, and was delighted to realize how much I've learned and grown artistically.

To celebrate, I decided to post a Christmas Eve photo of our grandchildren.  My husband just asked whether I thought we'd ever get a single good photo of the entire group.  If my portraits were better, I might try drawing them!  Six months ago I uploaded a photo which was the first time that all 5 were together.  These little people love me to draw and paint their toys, costumes, or the events we share and my granddaughter Sydney draws and paints with me regularly. 



Oh Shirley! aren't they LOVEly. Grandchildren are such an overwhelming blessing, aren't they? My GD Payton loves to create with me as well. Our other 2 live too far away to babysit unfortunately (as I believe some of your 5 are). Congrats on all you've accomplished and thanks for all that you bring to this wonderful group (EDM of course).

Congratulations on your anniversary. Interesting enough it is on the same day as my brothers 41st birthday, so I might have drunk a glass on your behalf without even knowing. Your grandchildren look like a sweet (and fun) gang. And tell your husband not to worry about the one good picture of them: This picture shows exactly how much fun they are and their personalities do pretty much jump at me. So this might just be the picture.

You have quite a gorgeous fan club!

What an ADORABLE action shot - they are obviously full of life and you captured the moment so well. Don't they grow quickly!!! A handfull but so much fun and excitement. Thanks for posting this (and the first one)

Congratulations on three years of blogging! Here's to many more! That's such a great picture! I think you should try drawing them.

Happy Happy 3rd Anniversary! WooHoo for you and all those gorgeous joyful kiddies...A super fabulous photo! :)

Congratulations. We are in the same group-you, Lin and I.
Adorable children!!!

Well I'm the better artist because of you and your blog, along with hundreds of others who constantly inspire and encourage! Can we have a party for your 10th anniversary? 20th? 30th? I just love parties! Those kids are adorable!

Congrats on your blog anniversary and congrats on having such a comfortable
home that these grandchildren can really relax and enjoy themselves-- Never have seen a happier bunch.

Congrats on your third anniversary! And double-congrats on maintaining your sketching and blogging!

The children are adorable! It must be a super-cuteness circus when they are all together.

Congrats on three years but even more congrats on a wonderful family!

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