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Annabelle Meets Her NYC Cousins


Our children were all in New York City several weekends ago to celebrate my birthday, Henry's 5th birthday party, and Father's Day.  Annabelle, just barely 3 months old, met her 4 New York City cousins for the first time and we tried to get yet another picture of all of our grandchildren together.  This is always a hilarious event - with 3 cameras flashing and the other adults jumping up and down to make them smile.   Sometimes the out-takes are so funny that we print them as a series.  NOT A SINGLE PHOTO is ever near-perfect.  There are many funny faces, closed eyes, fingers in mouths and noses - and the youngest one usually starts sliding sideways sometime during the event.  For the second half of the photo-shoot Callum had his thumb in his mouth and elephant in front of his face - thereby eliminating half of the 50+ photos that were rapidly taken.

 Our daughter has 3 children and my sons each have one.  From left to right:  Callum (1 1/2), Henry (5 yrs), Annabelle (almost 3 months), Robbie (almost 3), and Sydney (3 1/2).  Like most grandparents- we adore them and spend any available minute with them.


What a fabulous family, Shirley!!! And a belated happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! You have a great collection of grandchildren! They are adorable. Thanks for sharing the photo.

A great looking group of kids - nice smiles. Our oldest daughter is getting married in Oct. Grandchildren are yet in the future, but I can't help but secretly look forward to loving on one.

Oh, five happy little beauties! What lucky grandparents.

How utterly adorable!!! and I laughed out loud with the antics involved in the photo - Having 6 Grands I know exactly what you are describing. July 4th they were all at our house for a pool party/BBQ and we attempted a pix of our 'six pack' - I will post it too. Thanks for sharing them with us.

What cuties...cant wait till my kids have some grandchildren for me to play with!!

I can sOo picture your family fun photo shoot. Congrats on all your little beauties!

What beautiful grandchildren you have, Shirley!

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