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EDM Challenge #202 (Cookies) and an Office Santa

It was very easy to find cookies at work this week for the EDM Challenge.  And at home I made a fresh batch of Lemon Squares for our Book Group Holiday dinner.  Yum!



Last Firiday the secretaries decorated the Department office and it was fun trying to decide what Christmas decoration to sketch for a daily sketch yesterday since we had theater tickets and a late evening.  This is a Victorian St. Nicholas figure that is not as jolly looking as our fat American Santa figures.  Of course I ran out of room and he isn't as tall and thin as he should be.




You nailed those cookies, they look delicious and Did you eat them???? The Santa is absolutely charming - Enjoy TWO Holiday Birthdays!! Wow (and we have about 8" of snow so far! I love it too).

These look scrumptious, Shirley -- and I LOVE your jolly, merry Santa! I hope you and yours have a most blessed and joyous Christmas!

These look great - you have the holiday season off to a flying start! Enjoy!

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