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EDM Challenge 201 (Stapler) and Homework for Danny's Class


We have many staplers - and I have more in my office, but none as cute as this "antique one"  which moved with me from NJ to Philadelphia, Chicago, LaJolla, San Antonio, and now New York City.

Here are two of my homework pages for Danny's Illustrated Journaling Class.  Thie first is just a painting with writing, the second is a specific assignment to draw what I ate today.





Ahhh the wonders of sketching...all those food delicies...holiday memories with the kiddoes and an old stapler. Where else would you see all those things on one page? I love it!

Danny's classes sound like fun (slightly envious sigh) ... lucky you!

I really like the tree, so free and so expressive!

I love these old-style staplers that you have drawn. Your rendering was very evocative for me and brought back memories of an office I worked in YEARS ago...and Yum! Chocolate raspberry tart!!! YOu lucky girl!

I had to laugh! I understand about your stapler! I have an old pencil sharpener--the kind they used to have on the wall when I was in grade shool. It was so hard for me to hand it down to my son--he had to practically beg for it--hehe! Still works better than any other sharpener I've ever had. He loves it, too. :)

I envy you your beautiful looseness in your drawing and painting!! I aspire to looseness! :):)

Your illustrated jounral pages are lively and full of information. I especially like the stapler. That's the kind I used to "BANG" just because it was so satisfying.

I absolutely love when you draw food. Always.

I love that stapler drawing. I've seen these before and love the design. I also love the food drawings. What a great way to remember a meal. I get so impatient to eat that I never manage to try it! Happy Holidays!

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