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Christmas 2008 - Part 2

This was the year that all 3 of our children and their families were with us for Christmas.  Next year we'll have to share some of them again with their other grandparents.  We gave each of our 5 grandchildren a toy they wanted, a book that they didn't have (hard to find!), and something that I made for them.  For the second day in a row, I want to add "some threads" to my blog.   

Although I make each grandchild a hand-quilted quilt when they are born, I also make them a machine quilted one during the first year.  These are indestructable and can be washed and dried endlessly.  This is 9 month old Annabelle's new quilt, which matches her very pink room.


I make each of our grandchildren a photo pillow for their room when they are toddlers.  Callum just turned 2 and here is his pillow with a photo that I took of him this summer.


Robbie (age 3) is our "train guy" and he loved the train pillow that I made for his big cousin Henry.  He just moved from his crib to a bed, so I made him an identical pillow to match his new comforter and sham.



Sydney (age 4) loves princesses, fairies, ballet tutus, pink and purple.  Henry is a bit of a sports fanatic at age 5.  I made each of them new pillowcases for their beds - which can be interchanged with other special ones, some of which I made previously (i.e. Spiderman!).  Here are their folded pillowcases.


I love making gifts for our grandchildren.  But as the numbers increase, and I need to recreate many of the same things for each of them as they reach a certain age, my list of projects keeps growing!  My daughter-in-law just brought me a photo of a tooth fairy pillow as a suggestion for the next age!  Our oldest grandchild is now 5 so it won't be much longer before the tooth fairy enters our life!


I'm inspired to drag out one of my sewing machines this comming year! Wow! You got lots done! Wishing you a most creative and color filled New Year!

Merry Christmas to you - I read all your December posts and you inspire me to make a list of creative goals for the New Year - What lucky grandchildren you have - your gifts are creative handmade and from the heart -

wonderful- and it is so nice to see the kids enjoying those presents :) I am glad you had a great Christmas :)

You've inspired me. My 2.5 yr old granddaughter loves butterflies. I think I'll make her a pillowcase for the adult-sized pillow she keeps in her crib. One hitch, though--I've never mastered the sewing machine, so my stitches will have to be by hand.

Shirley all your handmade gifts are beauties1 The clarity of your photo cushion is remarkable and that TRAIN! Too cute.

What beautiful things you construct!!! Lucky grandkids!!!!!!

The quilts and pillows are wonderful but those grands are absolutely adorable!!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Your grandchildren are very blessed!

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