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Christmas 2008

I love sewing for Christmas and for many years made several dozen Christmas ornaments for friends and family each year.  Even after giving a full set to each of my children when they got married, our tree is still full.    Since I regularly ignore the "threads" part of my blog since I started drawing and painting, I thought that I would end the year with several blog entries of my other passion.


This year I made a collection of angels for my granddaughters and friends at work.  The angel dresses are created from old patchwork quilt scraps. 



I made my grandsons and other friends a reindeer.  Each of these reindeers is about 8" tall and quite goofy looking which makes them very endearing.



I finally completed another one of my Holiday goals.  I made quilted silk wedding canopies (chuppahs) for each of my children's weddings.  This year I took some of the leftover silk that I dyed and made Christmas doves for them and another dove from scraps of my wedding dress for me.




Finally, I made big stockings for my children as youngsters and then one for each of their spouses and children through the last few years.  And a decade ago we decided to go "green" and use big (24 X 30 inch) Santa gift bags instead of wrapping presents and now everyone has a gift bag that we fill.

This was our 5th and youngest grandchild Annabelle's first Christmas so I made her a stocking and gift bag.  The "santa A" was taken from a Santa alphabet that I saved from the cover of a Marshall Field's Christmas catalogue years ago. 




I also made other gifts or stocking stuffers for each of our grandchildren.  We were so thrilled when Henry was born 5 years ago, that I started to make gifts for him.  Now each of the other grandchildren "needs" the same present as they reach a given age which keeps me really busy in my studio.  More "threads" photos tomorrow.


You amaze me with your many talents and your ability to accomplish so much! Can't wait to meet you in person in 2009!

Shirley, I think your studio must top Santa's Workshop! Amazing is the only word for your incredible output of beautiful objects and I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised to discover they are all stitched with thread of gold!

Wishing you even more time for your art and family in 2009 and endless happiness from both.

These ornaments are fabulous!!!!! and your tree looks so festive. Beautiful!!!

Love your many sewing projects. They are all adorable but the mice (sketches and photo) are my favs! would you consider sharing the pattern here on your blog?

These are fantastic! I love them all :)

And again you are so talented. Wow. The reindeers are so funny. It is just wonderful of you to sew all these gifts for relatives and friends. You are such a truly giving person.

Hi Shirley! You're a regular grandchild gift factory! And with a continuing schedule for years to come...tooth fairies, then prom dresses, then wedding dresses then great grand children! :-) Beautiful gifts and I'm sure treasured by all who recieve them.

You are simply amazing! I love the angels (and of course the reindeer!).

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