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Quilted Silk Wedding Chuppahs


Chuppah.composite copy.jpg

None of my current "threads" projects are close to being done.  I have 2 wedding quilts and one baby quilt in the process of being quilted or pieced.  And I'm hand piecing a Liberty of London quilt during this year of London travel to have a wonderful textile memory to go along with my travel sketchbooks. 

I just learned that many visitors to this blog find it because they search on images of chuppahs (as I once did when I started thinking about this project when my first child was married).  The images previously posted all show them suspended at the wedding ceremonies of my 3 children.  Here are photos of all 3 showing the actual design.  They are all 6 feet square and made from hand-dyed crepe de chine that I made using procion MX dyes.  They are hand quilted using silk thread.  The yellow/pink chuppah was made using a wax resist.  The blue chuppah is machine appliqued using many individually dyed fabrics, and the autumn leaves chuppah was drawn with a commercial silk resist from Prochem and painted with dyes using watercolor methods.  


WOWZA~~!! THESE ARE AWESOME, SHIRLEY -- and look like a lot of work! The recipients should be thrilled!!

I've appliqued silk on wool crepe, but was thinking of appliquing on a silk background this time. Is the chuppah strong enough made out of all silk? What do you line them wtih?

I used 14 mummi silk crepe de chine for all 3 chuppahs.

For the applique on the blue one, I used a product called Wonder Under
which is a light weight iron-on fusible to place the applique pieces, and
then a machine satin stitch to hold them in place. To make sure that
there was no shifting during the machine stitching, I used a soluble
stabilizer called Badgemaster. If you aren't in the US, these product
names might not help.

When finished, the top was sandwiched with batting and another piece of 14
mummi silk for the backing and hand quilted. It was very strong and makes
a very luxurious quilt to wrap up in.

Feel free to ask more questions. I had to experiment on the first one and
learned something each time.


These are beautiful....lovely to see your artistic talent in multiple areas! :)

Your chuppahs/quilts are lovely and inspiring! I am about to start on a chuppah project for my cousin. What do you think of using cotton instead of silk?

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