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New Sketchbook Pages Uploaded

I still haven't seen a baked potato or rope in my world, so I'm uploading a few sketchbook pages instead of catching up with EDM challenges.

Our Book Group read Moveable Feast - and I found my old copy which I read in 1988.  The wine glass is for the amount consumed by Hemingway and his friends in the "Lost Generation" and the wine that I drank during our discussion.


I crawled into bed at 10:45 and still wanted to fill a journal page - so my rocker next to the bed became my focus.


After a full day with my two 3 year old grandchildren, I sat quietly in my usual evening seat and painted the view in the room that I love.  During the year that my daughter and her family lived in London, my husband and I decided to combine all Christmas, birthday, and anniversary presents to each other and bring home this lovely sculpture of a young woman reading a book.  She remains very precious to me.


On Saturday, we took our oldest grandchild, now 5 1/2, to the Museum of Modern Art and he was thrilled and mesmerized by the children's audio that they have for multiple paintings.  Here he is with the audioguide to his ear, listening multiple times to the wonderful information and music provided directly at his level.  He first learned about Picasso's Three Musicians from the children's program "Little Einsteins."  Also favorites that afternoon were paintings by Matisse, Chagall, and especially Rousseau's Dream.




lovely pages!!

I really love your work! It has a subtlety that it really charming. I'm glad that you've been inspired to create so much!

A couple of questions...if you feel like sharing...
How did you mix the different shades in the movable feast and the wine color?
Ditto...the rocking chair and the background.

I'm trying to learn how to mix those beautiful "neutrals"...and tips as to pigment, etc. would be helpful!

I can't wait to see what you create next!

What a lovely collection of work here...I love your knack for composition...Welldone...Love the glass of vino! :)

Another beautiful batch of sketches, Shirley! I always loved 'A Moveable Feast' and you did a wonderful job of illustrating it. I once took a walking tour in Montparnasse, based mostly on that book.

Wonderful sketches! Sounds like a great day at the art museum with your grandson!

Shirley -- These are glorious!! Each one has such a tenderness to it -- painted with love and affection -- that is so obvious -- beautiful, beautiful work!

Shirley your pages are always wonderful, soft and serene and Fun!! I greatly enjoy your work.

Your art is so beautiful and delicate, Shirley, I just love it!

Hi Shirley, I just found your blog by accident while searching Google for something else. I'm so glad to have found your blog. I think it's so awesome that you use your artistic talent to illustrate your journal pages. I love this and would love to try it myself. I have lots of watercolor paints, but I don't have a watercolor journal yet. Do you have a recommendation for a watercolor journal? What kind do you use? Also what kind of pencils/pens do you use? I'm just in awe of your work. I hope my attempts are half as good as yours. Now that I've found your blog, I will be a daily reader. Thank you for sharing.

I just stumbled across your sketch book and have spent the last hour going through it. What a treat. I LOVE your work! Several years ago I did alot of watercolor and sketching, but when I moved to another location I suddenly changed mediums to photography. Seeing your work makes me want to go back to doing things by hand.

Thanks for posting your work and your creative process. It is always the process that fascinates me most, whether it is a master or a beginner!!

LOvely drawings! I particularly like the one of your grandchild sitting on the floor holding the audioguide, you've really captured a lovely moment. :)

Lovely portrait of your grandson listening. My kids used to love listening repeatedly to things too.

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