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Another journal page and EDM Challenge 197: Remote

I have my annual grandchildren's cold that went into sinus congestion.  This is my journal page documenting the event.


I routinely did the EDM challenges this year until I had to rely on photos for a baked potato or rope.  Those are on hold.  But I had no problem finding a remote - this is just one of 3 cable remotes from Time-Warner in our apartment.  And if I wanted one less complex, I could even have sketched the one for our window air conditioner.  That one baffles me!


This is a huge volunteer weekend for us every year as Goddard Riverside Community Center sponsors their annual Book Fair - during which new books are donated by the publishing companies in Manhattan and sold for half-price at Columbus and W.88th St.  I am off to work as a voluteer at the cookbook table again in a few minutes, but wanted to upload these before the whole weekend is over.


Your sinus problem-portrayal made me smile - although not at your sinus problem I hasten to add! It looks like a detailed account of a lab experiment. You've got a great style and I hope you feel better soon. Well done for working while you're not well!

Oh, NO, Shirley! Feel better soon!! (I just got over that stuff last month...sympathy AND empathy here!)

I like the sinus page. Looks nice and clean in a good composition.

LOL, I hear you about the baked potato challenge - I feel the same about the noodles. Remotes, those are available to everyone. I like the way you drew both the top and side views. Hope you feel better soon!


Go Grandma! Me too. I think we could vote November as Grandma Sinus Month--we all have it. Impressive remote -- I could never draw one since I can never find one and don't know quite how to use one when I do.

Two great posts, hope the sinuses feel better, and the remotes are Perfect~!! Have a great weekend.

Ah Shirley -- tis the season for those dang sinus infection s-- I so hope you're feeling better!! I DO LOVE your sick day renditions though ...!!!! And your remote! SEems as though they multiply like cats! LOL

Sympathy and smiles coming your way ;)

Sorry about your sinuses, Shirley. I've been getting the same thing on and off since Octoober. I'm going to print out your drawing to remind myself what to do!
I hope the booksale went well.

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