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Face and Figure Practice

I still try to draw and paint several figures and faces each month.  These are 3 of my journal pages from November.



 My 3 year old grandchildren walking through Central Park.  They were running most of the time and I had trouble even getting a picture.


I'm always thrilled when I can draw a figure with a face.  This was drawn from a photo in a magazine.


My friend sent me a book of Delacroix's pastels and this drawing was inspired by his pastel entitled Seated Arab in Striped Burnouse.  I'm now inspired to search for Delacroix's Moroccan sketchbook.


You always do such a remarkable job on figure! They have such grace and form -- LOVE them!!! And yes, grands don't walk anywhere!LOL

I love your sketche! they are soft and gentle and the proportions are good - that is not easy - We all want to be better than we are but you must remember to give yourself credit for what you can do-- and believe me you can do more than most! You are very very good!

really nice. i love the colors and gentle style.

Oh I hope you find Delacroix's book........the exotic......it's so much fun to sketch! I love the arab man.....

I enjoyed my visit. That is a precious picture of your grandchildren.

What beautiful drawings - you've done a really good job to capture your grandchildren like that, especially if they were running about! I love the way your lines are so controlled - you manage to make all your figures grounded and solid and that's no easy thing to do.

I love these, but especially the top one. You've really captured something almost vulnerable in the little boy, next to his determined cousin (?) I don't know if that's really there, but it's what the drawing says to me. And your soft pastel coloring gives a beautiful atmosphere. I'm still waiting for you to illustrate a children's book.

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