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EDM Challenge #199 (Toes) and Some Thanksgiving Journal Pages


                                                     Couldn't just draw one!

My husband and I cook a big Thanksgiving Dinner for our family and friends.  It is a marathon of cooking all day Wednesday and Thursday.  Over the last 15 years, the champagne and hors d'oeuvres portion has grown to 3 hours, followed by soup, turkey plus stuffing, veggies, rice, and dessert, for a total of 5-6 hours.  We love to do it, but increasingly need several days to rest up afterwards.



This year we only had this morning to rest because two of our children and their families were moving.  I went to my daughter's apartment and helped unpack the 3 children's bedrooms so they had someplace to sleep.  My husband went to our son's apartment to help them hook up their TVs. 




Shirley..as always, I am charmed by your open way of sharing your life here. I love your sketches and your stories!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Shirley! It sounds (and looks) utterly fantastic -- and yes, days afterwards to RECOVER!!! I hope it was a blessed and most joyful Thanksgiving -- super work, hon!

The happiness and warmth of your Thanksgiving totally swept me up, Shirley. Lovely post.

Shirley, as always I love your journal pages. I would never had thought to journal and illustrate my cooking. I have to get into a new way of thinking.

By the way, I went to an art supply store here in town and found a Linen Canon Watercolor pad. It wasn't exactly what I wanted, but until I can get an old book to try and make my own watercolor journal, this will be something I can use. You're right. It is nice. It's hard to actually use it. I have been doing some drawing in my regular sketching pad. I'll have to scan it and put it on my blog. The other day I met a lady in Hobby Lobby who had one the neatest knit hat with faux fur trim. I wanted to remember it so I drew it. I'll post it soon on my blog. This is my beginning as an illustration journalist. I love it.

Love the drawing of your toes! Happy Thanksgiving.

Oh Shirley, where do I start 1) love the ten little toes 2) hope you felt better fast, TG is no time to get sick 3) love the cooking sketch and I would Love the salmon dip recipe, it sounds fabulous 4) your thanks giving open house sounds fabulous! (we had 23 for dinner and I cooked two turkeys so I know what work it all is) 4) children moving on TG day - that is over the top insane!! RELAX, you have earned it!

Goodness, how'd you get everything done and manage to find time for drawing? Great use of time and your drawings reflect it!

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