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EDM Challenge #200: Draw Something Lucky


My husband brought this 1.5 inch rubber lion back for me from Chicago when we were dating - 43 years ago.  It probably cost 50 cents - but it has traveled with us from home to home and still looks as it did when it was new.  I don't have any lucky tokens, but I would never think of throwing this lion away, and don't even show it to my grandchildren.  So it comes as close as anything to being a lucky charm.

I'm off to a meeting in San Francisco tomorrow and will spend an afternoon plaing hooky and sketching with two EDM members - I'm thrilled! 


Oh, you lucky woman!!! I am SOOOOOOO jealous!!!

Well you still have it plus a long marriage so I'd say it is a lucky charm. I still have the rosary my husband thought would impress a Catholic girl. I liked getting a present but wondered about him then lol.

I heard earlier this week about your plans and was truly tempted to hop on a plane to join you ladies! I cannot wait to see/hear all about your trip. Have you decided what area you will meet and sketch? San Francisco in December is terrific! Enjoy!

A most memorable little guy and after 43 great years together I would consider it good luck too!

I love him, what a treasure! And have a wonderful, wonderful time sketching...

Your lion is charming and what a fun story! It looks like the 3 of you had a great time in SF...one of my favorite cities; especially lit u for the holidays! I only wish I could have been there too!

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