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EDM Challenge # 188: Draw a Peanut

We didn't have any peanuts in our house - and I couldn't find anything to inspire me to do this challenge when it was posted -  until yesterday.  I then decided to learn more about how peanuts grow and looked at information and images on the web.  This is a painting of a plant with its flowers and peanuts.  I really didn't know that peanuts grow underground from shoots that arise from the above ground plants.  Very cool!




I had a neighbor when I lived in Wyoming who fed the squirrels peanuts. They would then come bury them in my garden where they would eventually sprout.

Very nice picture and a different take on drawing a peanut.

Stumbled upon your postings. I like the softness of your watercolours. Simply nice to find someone who just sketches/draws/paints everyday. My postings can be found at www.driftingalongthesea.blogspot.com

I love this interpretation of the challenge...just lovely! :)

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