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Need Inspiration? Artists' Sketchbooks Online

Nina Johanson, a member of the Everyday Matters (EDM) Yahoo on-line art group, posted a message about this website in November 2007 - and I looked at it and bookmarked it for future reference. 



It is an index with links for sketchbooks that are on-line - many from Master Artists and many from contemporary artists.  Scattergood-Moore, the artist that maintains this website, has done a wonderful service for all of us who love to learn from the Masters and be inspired by some of our contemporaries.  Bookmark it on your blog and spread the word about this excellent resource.

I've been drawing/painting daily since January 2006 and now have 23 completed sketchbooks.  I love books and rarely draw or paint anything that is not on a watercolor journal page.  Sometimes my daily page is more like a visual journal or travel sketchbook, but most often I'm working on specific skills that I want to develop, practice, and remember.  I sketch from drawings of the Masters, trying to copy their lines so I will learn from them, and rarely attend an art exhibit without sketching at least one piece that is in the exhibit.  But I also draw and paint my grandchildren's toys to connect with them on a different level.

I'm not sure how often I looked at the sketchbooks that are linked on this website over the last year, but recently I noticed links to blogs of many EDM members in the Index and an invitation to submit your sketchbook URL for consideration to be listed. 


Thanks for the timely reminder, Shirley, that site IS a treasure!

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