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Face and Figure Drawing Practice

I continue to practice drawing faces and figures from photos - and did these 4 during October.  I selected this photo because of the foreshortened right arm and was happy with the arm drawing.  Not so much with the eyes.


This drawing was done from a runway photo.  I saw and loved a Klimt-inspired gown in the window of Oscar de la Renta's store on Madison Ave.  This is the image of the dress from the runway - but I didn't even try to reproduce the fabric design.


Two faces drawn from magazine advertisement photos.







Shirley that first sketch with the foreshortened hand is Outstanding- your faces and figures are so lovely overall, your practice is yeilding great rewards (something I need to do for sure).

These are really SUPER, Shirley!! That forshortened arm is spectacular!! I know what you mean -- those 'shapes' always throw me thru a loop! And the faces are really wonderful ....

OOOhh! These are really fun... I love the way you captured the tilt of the head or the elegant sway in the walk of your models...they really have personality! Well done! :)

I was searching for candle holders and I found your blog. I really liked the watercolor painting. Can I link you to my blog?

Wow - you're really making progress on figures and faces! Beautiful work.

Wow, you are getting more comfortable and fluent in sketching faces and figures! Getting both eyes to work together in a drawing or painting is harder than non-artists realize, isn't it? Just remember they're on the same plane and, in a full frontal pose such as in the top drawing, are roughly mirror images of each other. I say 'roughly' because, as you well know, the human body is not perfectly symmetrical. I always admire your persistence and your wonderfully questioning mind, as evidenced today by your peanut post! You're a scientist and an artist---a great combination.

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