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EDM Challenge #195: Draw a Fork



Tomorrow I'm leaving for the International Quilt Festival in Houston, followed by a business meeting in San Antonio, so I wanted to complete this week's EDM challenge before I leave.  EDM Challenge #94 was Draw a Spoon.  This week it is Draw a Fork.  I posted the two of them together because they are a wonderful pair of salad utensils - shiny silver that I still can't capture. 


You picked a nice fork and spoon to sketch and you did a great job. Enjoy your trip.

Hey my friend Dianne (Desire on the blogs) was a vendor at Houston that weekend!!! She came back all excited because a fabric manufactures wants her to design a line of fabric for them. Isn't that cool? I had fun catching up with your blog this evening. Great stuff! I admire that you sketch every single day. I have no reason not...just haven't. But I continue on this art journey none the less and am loving the voyage!

I really enjoy your work. I cannot remember seeing anyone's else's work that I like more in your media. I am working on a book about art, would you sontact me anout some artwork please.

Best Regards,

East Brigewater, Ma.

Your sketches and watercolours are exquisite!! As a person who loves colour but is entirely missing the "Colour Chip" ie. that part of the brain that can see in the mind's eye what combinations might be wonderful in a project, and as a quilter who must then borrow and copy colour ideas, your page is a fountain of inspiration!

If you need a project idea, I would LOVE to see you post some colour schemes for quilts.

Again, lovely, lovely work!
Happy New Year!

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