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Sketchcrawl with Casey

I spent a fabulous day with Casey and her husband - who are visiting New York City as part of their trip to the US.  Casey and I did some sketching in the morning, then had lunch with her husband, and walked down through Central Park to the Museum of Modern Art to see the Kirchner exhibit and the permanent collection.

Casey and I have very different styles and I love to watch her work.  Although she won't be back in France for several weeks, I hope that she posts her two drawings that were done of the same subject as mine.  If I could work side by side more than once each year, my sketches might get a little looser and my watercolors more brilliant!

We went to the Central Park reservoir and sketched the skyline on Central Park West.  Here is my journal page of the ElDorado.


Then we walked to the Delacorte Theater and sketched the Romeo and Juliette sculpture in from of the theater which is used for Shakespeare in the Park during the summer.


Lunch at the Central Park Boathouse Restaurant was as lovely as usual and here are two photos from our time there.  Casey did a lovely panaoramic painting from her seat looking out over the water towards Bethesda Fountain.




While they enjoyed their first visit to MoMa since the big renovation, I sketched several more Kirchner women from his sketches that are in the exhibit - some in his sketchbooks.


We had such a fantastic day with them, that my husband and I both look forward to future visits.


Looks as though you had a terrific time, Shirley! Love the Kirchner paintings and can't wait to see Casey's paintings. Is that a waterbrush she was using?

Your New York sketches are wonderful - You do such a great job with all subjects figurative, landscape and architectural- I was catching up on your blog and I really like the sketches in the style of Seurat -thanks for posting them

okay.......you I want to come next year!!!! I don't care if I have to sleep at the Y or in the park!!! I want to be part of this adventure too!!!! Oh I love MOMA and got to visit just after the renovation. I had such a day wandering through there, then after caught a parade down 5th Ave. I love NY!!! Your 'twin tower' sketch on the 11th is bittersweet. I love your rendering of structures and buildings. I have seen this R&J statue and I think you got the essence of first love in your drawing. I feel like I can swirl in......... and the Kirchner drawings....WOW! Casey looks like Casey....and what a handsome hubby! I'm glad you two got a chance to get together once again!!!

Sounds like a fabulous day! Great sketches.

Oh, you lucky things! You had such a great time together, it's very clear! Shirley, I always chuckle when I see the subjects you chose to draw (just because they're so different from my choices)and am always impressed by your lovely architectural sketches.
Casey and Michel arrive here on Wednesday. I'll force her to show me her NYC sketches ;D.

What a wonderful time you must have had and what lovely sketches! Am quite envious ... :)

Oh how WONDERFUL!!! I love your city sketches Shirley-- and how fun to meet with Casey and her husband! Looks like you both had such fun!

Oh Shirley, I love your blog and the way you sketch. Oh to even see New York and the wonderful things that go on around you,although last nights daughters house fire was more than I needed and not a camera or sketchbook in sight.
Lucky you and Casey catching up.

OH WHAT FUN! I LOVE your sketches, Shirley -- and it's so good to 'meet' Casey and her husband!!! I hope I can see her while she's here in NC too ...!!! I love your buildings, Shirley -- you always make them NOT STIFF!! LOL

I missed this post way back - stitched up about the Flying Pictures Sketchbook Exchange, I'm afraid. Delightful, Shirely, both your sketches and your lovely photographs of Casey and her husband. And on the way through to find this post, I saw something wonderful..... so I'm now going there to comment!

Ohh how cool to see what you and Casey did! You have such different styles and both are delightful!

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