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Challenge with Domenic A.

Domenic left this message for me on the EDM message board and that led to our agreement to each sketch more figures and specifically faces by September 13th.

It was helpful for me to have the challenge because this was my usual fall back behavior when practicing figures.


I started the challenge immediately by sketching one figure with a face from a magazine photo, and then a face from an old master art book that I have.



But a real challenge for me was to sketch from the photo of a dancer, and actually feel confident enough to add a face.


Yesterday, while at the FIT Museum looking at the Gothic Fashion exhibit, I decided to even sketch the face of the mannequin when sketching a fabulous silk evening coat.  Her eyes are wonky, but I could have resorted to my "blank face" and didn't.  I love Margaret's frames that she puts around her journal pages - and quickly discovered that I'm not patient enough to do those fabulous frames, not even her dots!


This was a good mini-challenge for me.  I definitely need to have a specific goal to keep me stretching my daily sketches.  Hopefully Domenic hasn't forgotten and we'll get to see his figures from our challenge before long.




Wow, Shirley! Keep it up with the faces! They are looking great! Wonderful figures too!

I really enjoyed your figure sketches, you have a lot of talent in that area. And congrats on your faces :-)

Shirley, these are just wonderful!

Great job! I agree with you that we all need to challenge ourselfs to become better.

Wonderfully done faces!

I love seeing faces on your figures- I always enjoyed your drawings when they were faceless but now I realize how much I missed a face - way more complete and less ghostly - and your faces are wonderful - well done and "correct" -- great job you cleared this hurdle with Miles to spare -

Shirley, these faces are fabulous!!! Really very well done, and imagine how comfortable you will get the frequent practice. Your figures are always so graceful and well proportioned, you are so talented!!

No, I have not forgotten. I'm just late. Life was busy this week, but with a drawing due, I made the time. Thanks for the motivation. Your drawings are great.

Well, there! See, you could do it. Yay! Doesn't it feel good to get that "no faces" thing behind you?

You know Shirley, lately I've been noticing how artful the clothing ads in major glossy magazines are, like the NY times, San Francisco magazine, etc. THey are full of movement, draped fabrics and unique body poses. They might be fun for you to try sketching next, though I love your classic poses too. I keep meaning to do so myself.

Just amazing...you did a beautiful job on these! :)

This is a favourite post, Shirley. Wonderful sketches of the moving figure - wow, you are an inspiration for selecting an aspect of sketching and working on it. I'm really inspired! And your faces are great. Brava!!!!!!

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