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Central Park Zoo


I totally forgot to upload this journal page from our visit to the Central Park Zoo with Henry (5), Sydney (3), and Robbie (3) - our 3 oldest grandchildren.   The Zoo worker in the Penguin House asked the children "why don't polar bears eat penguins?" 

The drawings were made from photos that I took during our visit.  I love sketching animals and someday intend to spend a some quiet time at the wonderful Bronx Zoo.   


Well Anita Davies just posted about a trip to the Zoology Museum in Cambridge and now this one on the Central Park Zoo.........I think this fall it's time for another visit to the LA or San Diego Zoo! What a great drawing!

Your sketch is wonderful! And I wonder, too, why? Did the Zoo worker give an answer?

This is so charming! I really like your very unique style. And how fun to see the photos of Casey and her husband!

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