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EDM Challenge #187: Draw a Fan


We have two ceiling fans in our apartment, but I sketched part of one for a previous challenge.  This journal page shows multiple views of a battery-operated personal fan - and I have no idea where it came from.  However, it was perfect on that very hot night in August 2003 when New York City and much of the East Coast had their last blackout.  That was the very last time it was used, and I almost didn't remember I had it because it is so small (3 3/4 inches high) and inconspicuous sitting on a corner of my book shelves.  The image on the bottom right is a frontal view when the fan is on.  It goes so fast that I couldn't see the soft black "blades" at all.



Nice job with all those different views!

Shirley, your many poses of your personal fan are very clever, and I am impressed by your ability to sketch more than one pose. I might get one right but not two, much less five.

TERRIFIC job on these Shirley -- they're a challenge perspective-wise. Now if only you could find me a personal heater! LOL

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