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My Homes - Last in the Series

 I lived in a 3rd floor garret apartment in a private home (1965-1969) when I was a poor medical student in Philadelphia.  The neighborhood was delightful, the house was on a bus route connecting to school, and the price was right.  I made this sketch from an artist's pen sketch on a notecard, so I'm not sure about the details.  The floor plan comes from my memory.  Oh how I wish I had taken more photos when I moved from place to place!  I lived here between college and Chicago - so it is out of sequence in the "My Homes" category on my blog.





Another memory captured and recorded, I agree that we all should record (photograph) more, I think my kids do because it is so easy with digital. Looks like a lovely home and a great space you had.

These have been a delight to see!

A fabulous attic! :)

What a dear memory...I've enjoyed all the houses I've lived in and they were defintely far from the perfect houses, but they provided such incredible experiences! this is a great idea for a series and I'll be sure to catch up on all of them.

I cant believe its been so long since I heard from you or checked out your blog. I think it must have got out of alphabetic sequence down to the bottom in my favourites list and I kept skipping it. Simply adore your fashion drawings in your previous blog - you certainly dont need figure drawing practice they are delightful ... and this idea of painting homes you have had is great. I think the one we live in now is number 8 in our marriage so I cant see me remembering them well enough to sketch. Great catching up with you again.

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