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Weekend in Chesham NH


We just returned from several days with friends in their family summer home overlooking Silver Lake in NH.  Anyone that knows my blog realizes that I paint very few landscapes, so I forced myself to upload a sketch that I did from their porch overlooking the lake.  This year I'm trying to work on figures and faces, maybe next year I can work on trees in Central Park, NYC.


Very nice!!! And, from reading this, I think I'm going to have to venture to Silver Lake the next time we're in Lincoln NH! :o)

Very nice composition. I like the peaceful, soft feel of this one. It's very quiet.

Hi Shirley...I love your blogspot...enjoyed everyone of your paintings (watercolor/pen and ink, my favorite). I loved the picture of you and your girlfriends...it's really special to have such great friends. I am new to blogging (only a week old)... so is a lot of fun and has really inspired me to draw and paint. Thank you for giving me inspiration with your paintings. Susan

Nice sketch! Looks like a great serene place!

This is nice! You should paint more landscapes :)

WEll I would say you do do landscapes this is a lovely one

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I imagine someplace called Silver Lake is lovely and cool right now. Phoenix is hot despite recent "monsoons", so I'm inside with the Olympics when not at work!

Doesn't matter what you work on, I so enjoy all your posts! This one is so inviting. I can remember swinging high into the air and wondering if this is what it was like to be a bird! My 'swing' days are not yet over!

Wonderful sketches, Shirley!! I LOVE your CA home!!! Do you miss all that space ??

Oh Shirley, This one is so serene and inviting, brings back memories of a huge tree swing I had in the canyon house we occuplied in Colorado Springs. Your mountains are fabulous too. and the LaJolla home is such a special memory for your family - I visited JaJolla a year ago, such a lovely seaside town.

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