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EDM Challenge #182: Draw a Truck


We saw this truck parked along 79th Street in New York City when walking to nursery school last Spring.  My grandson, who loves Superheroes, was fascinated by the truck mascot that was wired onto the front grill - spiderman dressed as a Mets Fan!  Fortunately I had my camera with me so took a picture of him. 


Wow, thats taking mascots to a new level, nice drawing

This is way cool!!!

This is too cool! I love the story.

I've enjoyed looking at your blog. You have wonderful figure drawings too!


love the spiderman mascot - I like the colors and the softness of the washes

Fun truck and drawing!

That's quite a truck even without the mascot!

That truck picture came in handy didn't it. Maybe your son would like this one framed for his bedroom. It came out quite nice.

What a Fun sketch, fantastic you thought to take a picture!

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