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Our Home in LaJolla. California

This is the next entry for my "Our Homes" series of sketches.  I really wish that I had taken more photos of our houses, but this is something that I never considered while we were living there. 

After several years in Chicago we moved to La Jolla, California to finish our training.   I was pregnant with our first child and lived in a little cottage overlooking the ocean during the next 4 years.  The house was small, but we had a fabulous brick patio built into the mountain behind us.  The weather was so nice most of the year that it became the family playroom for our sons.  All 3 of our children were born there (my daughter 14 days before moving day) and then we moved to yet another part of the country - Texas. 





Hey, that means you lived in La Jolla when I lived in San Diego --- my dentist was in La Jolla! I still remember the drive up the canyon in deep fog, but what a LOVELY place once I arrived!

I enjoy floor plans - ALOT - don't know why I just do- I like the sketch of the house also

What a great idea and these are so much better than a photograph. They are so much more personable.

Lovely! Fun that you made each room a different color in the floor plan! :)

This is such a charming way to recall your life, Shirley. I'm very tempted to try but afraid of not being able to remember. I have no photos at all.

I love plans!

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