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Drawing Practice

I still try to draw figures regularly, while regularly avoiding my 2008 Goal to draw more faces.  Here is a quick soluble graphite drawing that I did this week.  I was attracted to this magazine photo by the opportunity to also draw a horse.



Shirley, I love this! Great proportions, details, and shadows. You have been doing so well with faces that you should have added this one; even if only shadows to represent the features. There's a neat tool you can use with graphite: an eraser. *lol*

Beautifully done, Shirley! I love the quality of the line and tone...

Your drawings are priceless! They tell the story---even without the faces. I think not having faces adds to the picture...lets the viewer fill in the pieces. I too avoid faces, human figures, etc. At least you draw the figures! Keep up the good work. I still love the picture of your grandbaby. I am off to see mine in about an hour...am doing a photo shoot on the backroads over there...I think that drives my daughter crazy....she'll be old one day and see what we are all about!

SO much can be said with just a line and some shading! Gool on ya' Shirl!

Great sketch! Nice lines, shapes and movement!

Love the horse of course! All your recent posts too. Thanks for your comment on a hundred horses. Continued success

You did draw a face! You drew the horse's face. Bet it didn't scare you as you didn't think of it as a face. You really should give it a try. You do too well on the rest of the picture to avoid trying the faces. I dare you! Triple dare?

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