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EDM Challenge #183: Dangerous

The image that I kept returning to for the EDM Challenge "Draw Something Dangerous," was my precious little 3 year old grand daughter Sydney who can now ride her two wheel bike without training wheels!  She rides it on a quiet street in front of their summer house with adults all around her, but she is soooo tiny on it!


My sketch doesn't show the joy on her little face, so here is one of many pictures taken while she whizzed by.



Wow! How sweet. My grandbaby Vivian is only 5 months old and so cute...makes me laugh all the time, but am also waiting to do things with her...like watching her ride her bike, crafts, etc. Right now enjoying all her new accomplishments...like eating sweet potatoes and smearing them all over her face/hands, etc., rolling over, blowing bubbles with her mouth. Makes you feel young. Susan

Now that IS sheer Joy - Great post Shirley!

Excellent! I love it!

I like how you left the face blank on the sketch........I don't think even Leonardo could have captured her expression! I know how she feels.....she's flying!!!!!!!!!! I still love riding this way......wheeeeeeee!

Wow! She's three and rides without training wheels? Awesome. I think I was like 10. :) Great post. You really captured the movement well in our sketch.

love the lawn mushrooms! your pastel colour pallet is definitely a preference, eh?

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