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EDM Challenge #185: Draw a Cat


My son and his wife in Washington DC have two cats - his and hers from before they were married.  So this sketch was made from a photo of Sammy meeting baby Annabelle and her stuffed Jellycat Bella shortly after she was born.   


This is absolutely WONDERFUL! In every way, for every reason, I love it!

Shirley, this is adorable and so well done!

Awww Shirley! How delightful!

Very nice cats and baby too. I haven't dared to use watercolor yet. My cat is done in pencil both watersoluble and regular. You did a great job with the whole picture.

Very nice drawing. I like the cat's ears and the expression they have.

Cute! Love the way the real cat sniffs the stuffed one!

Shirley, this is brilliant! I love the scrunched up newborn look of Annabelle - and the cat's position is just perfect. Very nice work! I'm really starting to look forward to our next sketchcrawl...

This is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous, I love it.

Shirley -- this is adorable!!! I love the curled up babe and the curiousity on the cat's face!!! SUPER JOB!

Oh, look at that adorable position! On your grandbaby AND the cat, come to think of it!

Lovely! i keep a "Nana" journal where I collect all the sketches and doodles of my grandchildren. I think someday they'll love it.

Oh Shirley - great sketch in every way and what a fabulous composition!

Add me to the list of people saying "aaaawwwwwww .... adorable!" about this sketch. (Also I really like all the sketches in the post before this one. Wonderful work. I need to remember to visit more often!)

I love this...grandchildren are so wonderful!!! And this drawing and colorscheme is just perfect.


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