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EDM Challenge #184: Draw a Bench


We were at the beach with our daughter and grandchildren for a week, and I finally found a bench I wanted to sketch.  We had shrimp tacos for dinner at LaFondita in Amagansett, NY and the garden sculpture company behind the restaurant displayed this granite and wood bench on the edge of the pond.  The wood was weathered like the traditional benches along the streets near the beach and the composition and balance between elements was extraordinary.  If only I could have studied and painted the grain on some of the wood.  The brown-pink painted square behind the bench is my painted background for the sketch.


Wow, that's a wacky bench! Nicely drawn :-)

I refered to your post from EDM Group. I am new to the group.

I really like you drawings, especially your use of color. Not your typical bench. Very interesting.

Very interesting. I've never seen a bench such as this. I would have been tempted to bring it home!

This bench rocks and was worth waiting for.

Well it was a bench worth waiting for! It's like a piece of sculpture! Nicely done. Your pop boxes of color make for a nice composition. It has a very Zen feel.

What an interesting bench - and a good eye to see it and record it!!

That's quite a complex piece of furniture. Great job on all those lines and angles!

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