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EDM Challenge #178: Draw Red


My husband and I were walking to our grandson's school in London to pick him up when I saw this wonderful row of 4 phone booths.  Usually they were single or in pairs in neighborhoods we visited - so I had to get this photo to later play with perspective.  And I never did!  That is my husband in the red baseball cap - waiting for me to catch up!  It was a nice challenge for me to draw this and I listened to Danny's recent Podcast while I sketched and painted it.  A good quiet Sunday afternoon.


Ah, I remember when these were seen on every street, now they have become a bit of a collectors item.
Lovely job.

Shirley, this is a great answer to the challenge of red! Such great perspective too, you always make it look easy!

Great job! I love that you added your hubby! It seems that mine is always waiting on me, too.

So collectible that you now see them over here in the states :D Love this picture!

Wow wow, Shirley, these are wonderfully sketched. We still have a few of these old phone booths here. Your family is Adorable.

What a great fun and colorful post...love this one!

You've made a great picture of them, Shirley. Lovely perspective. I wonder how many were in working order? I've seen some for sale in antique shops here in Tuscany.

This is a wonderful sketch, Shirley! I love the way you've picked up the red again in your husband's hat.

A house around the corner from us has one of these incorporated into their family room - it makes the door to the garden! Great sketch

Hey Shirley, how are you? Great painting. They are such gorgeous iconic things, aren't they?
I was going to send you a message through the EDM message board as i haven't been able to get onto your blog for sometime. It never seemed to upload (I think that's the word?). Anyway, finally managed it tonight. It's always a treat to visit here. I love to see these little vignettes of the UK - from all the way from across the ocean.

Beautiful painting, and the sublject is great, too!

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