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EDM Challenge 179: Onions


We just returned from a long weekend, mini-vacation at the beach.  I wanted to upload last week's challenge as soon as I returned home and then will more slowly post some beach sketches.  


They look great :) I can't wait to see your sketches :)

Love the scallions, Shirley. Neat positioning within the frame. Hope all is well!

Very nice, Shirley. You have such a fine sense of composition.

LOVELY LOVELY, Shirley!! So fresh!

I love your phone booths in your previous post, and these scallions look great too...I'm never without scallions in the fridge...and garlic in the basket, and onions and chives in the garden...they all give such wonderful depth to meals. you're making me want to do vegetables or fruit again. I always feel good when doing healthy veggies and fruit!
Your sketching is just getting so wonderful....filled with great confidence in your linework and just the right touch on your use of colour! Love it.

Love these little onions, and the composition is great!

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