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July 17, 2008

The Rest of My Beach Journal Pages

I gathered stuff from the beach during our walks and sketched them later.  I also tried to sketch at the Snack Shack each morning when we were having our morning coffee in the nice cool breeze. 

This is a sketch of the front doors to the food area - and the same man was in his chair reading the newspaper 4 mornings in a row.


One morning we sat at a table behind an artist who was painting the ocean view in oils.  I'm not sure that he even knew that I sketched him. 


Beach Treasures: Shells and Seaweed

Every morning the beach was different.  We were amazed that the types of shells varied each day - and on our final morning there was seaweed for the first time and only smooth shell fragments and small rocks.




Seagulls and Terns kept us company on our walks.  I took lots of photos of them with my zoom lens because they wouldn't let us get very close.  The photos were used to create this page.



July 15, 2008

Beach Weekend Sketches

We spent a long weekend in Southampton - and I used one of my recycled books as a travel sketchbook.  There were gorgeous hydrangeas in bloom everywhere and I tried a quick painting of several blooms.


We love walking on the beach and quickly established a daily routine.  Each day we took a long walk on the beach, picking up shells as we went, followed by morning coffee on the covered patio at the Snack Shack.  Just as the beach was getting hot, we were able to move into the shady, cool ocean breeze. 

A quick painting of the beach from the Snack Shack:


Shells and a sea gull feather found on the beach during our walks:

Shells0.jpg                  Feather.jpg




I wanted to continue figure sketching practice, but didn't have any ready models on the beach the first two days - so I sketched from an ad in a Hamptons magazine.  We definitely didn't see her on our walk!


We walked into the Village during the afternoon and from an outdoor cafe I sketched the old Southampton Town Hall building which is now Saks Fifth Avenue.



Brillante Weblog Award - Thank You


Rachel gave me this award while I was out of town - so I'm very slow about acknowledging her kindness and posting it here.  The rules say for me to pass it on to 7 more blogs - but I am influenced and inspired in so many different ways by all of the members of EDM - that I couldn't possibly choose among all of you. 

I will continue to read the EDM Superblog and read the EDM message board morning and evening - and visit your blogs or Flick'r sites.  I always forget to look at the EDM Flick'r pool and when I do visit, I find work I've never seen before.  We are a very active group and I thank each of you for sharing your information and love of visual arts. 

July 14, 2008

EDM Challenge 179: Onions


We just returned from a long weekend, mini-vacation at the beach.  I wanted to upload last week's challenge as soon as I returned home and then will more slowly post some beach sketches.  

July 6, 2008

EDM Challenge #178: Draw Red


My husband and I were walking to our grandson's school in London to pick him up when I saw this wonderful row of 4 phone booths.  Usually they were single or in pairs in neighborhoods we visited - so I had to get this photo to later play with perspective.  And I never did!  That is my husband in the red baseball cap - waiting for me to catch up!  It was a nice challenge for me to draw this and I listened to Danny's recent Podcast while I sketched and painted it.  A good quiet Sunday afternoon.

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